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    A database of missing persons databases?

    I have looked around WS and done some googling, but I have yet to find a database of missing persons or UID databases and lists. The closest thing I found was the state-by-state lists here on WS and lists of links on other websites.

    I assume there are many people out there with their own lists of missing person databases, but it seems like a searchable database that could return lists of resources would be pretty useful. Obviously there are the major national databases of missing persons and UIDs, but then there are various other ones that some states or non-profits etc. maintain. All have varying degrees of overlap in terms of the content...

    I envision a database of databases that you could search and it would return a list of all the appropriate public databases/lists, after you specify that you are searching for:
    - Child or adult or both (some databases only have one or the other)
    - The state or states you want to search
    - Whether it's a list (like doenetwork) or a searchable database (like NamUs)
    - etc...
    It would also tell you when each resource was last updated and about how many entries each resource had at last check.

    I was thinking of working on this type of project myself, but if it already exists out there then I guess I don't need to... I might do it for my own use in any case...

    Any thoughts on this?

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    I think that is an excellent idea. I was just looking for a site like that about a month ago to use for my case and I couldn't find one. It would be much easier to find what your looking for without having to search all over the internet for several websites.

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    I looked into free options for hosting a database online...and I did not find any that offered the flexibility that I think this project would need. I am most comfortable working in Microsoft Access, and I could make a database that was pretty user-friendly in Access (i.e., no experience needed)...but the issue then is that the user would have to have Access on their computer. I know a lot of PCs come with it, but I'm sure there are many people out there without it...

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