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    IA - Esther Neunaber, 80, beaten to death, son charged, Akron, 9 July 2014


    An autopsy shows a man whose body was found with his slain wife in their Akron home in July died of natural causes...

    It adds to the mystery of what happened at the home Donald and Esther Neunaber. The bodies of Donald, who was 83 and Esther, 80, were found in their home July 9.

    An autopsy showed Esther died of blunt force trauma. Her death was ruled homicide. Their son 44-year-old Jonathan Neunaber is charged with first-degree murder.

    Police say the couple... may have been dead for up to two weeks before the bodies were found.

    The Neunabers raised crops and livestock on the plot they owned on 180th Street. They retired there. They would have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this summer.

    Jonathan Neunaber, who lived with his parents at the farm... identified himself in court documents as their caretaker.

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    That's so strange. Are they able to tell who died first? I'm wondering, is the murder the catalyst for the dad's death, or is the dad's death the catalyst for the murder?

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