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    MA - Keith, 35, & Joseph Callahan, 29, killed in home invasion, Lowell, 10 Aug 2014


    The double-killing of the sons of a retired Lowell police sergeant early Sunday morning in the normally quiet Sacred Heart neighborhood was a case of mistaken identity, The Sun has learned...

    According to several sources, the suspect broke down a door to the apartment and encountered the brothers and one of their wives. The suspect was yelling that he was looking for someone. At gunpoint, he herded the brothers and the woman into a bathroom, where he told them to remain there while he looked around. The sources said the Callahans expressed concern about a young child about 11, who was sleeping on a nearby couch. At that point, the suspect opened fire, possibly after an altercation with the brothers, the sources said...

    Officers arrived to find Keith Callahan dead from gunshot wounds, and Joseph Callahan suffering from a gunshot wound that would claim his life after he was taken to Lowell General Hospital.

    A Chelsea man has been charged in connection with the fatal shootings of Keith and Joseph Callahan, Lowell police and the Middlesex District Attorney announced in a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

    Dara Poum, 28, of Chelsea, is facing two counts of murder. He was arrested Tuesday afternoon in Chelsea on unrelated warrants.

    A sketch police released led police to Poum, who is also linked to the crime by DNA on a cigarette butt left at the scene, officials said.

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    Dara Poum, 28, of Chelsea, was indicted today in connection with the shooting deaths of two brothers in Lowell on Aug. 10. A Middlesex County grand jury indicted Poum on charges of first degree murder, home invasion, and possession of a firearm without a license, the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office announced.

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    A 28-year-old Chelsea man accused of gunning down the sons of a retired Lowell police sergeant wore black-rimmed glasses held together by tape and barely uttered a word as he pleaded not guilty in Lowell Superior Court on Monday to two counts of murder.

    Standing silently next to defense attorney Liam Scully, Dara Poum never looked at family and friends of brothers Joseph, 29, and Keith Callahan, 35, who could be heard sobbing in the back of Lowell Superior Court...

    Both sides agreed to have Poum held without bail, so prosecutor Stephen Loughlin didn't need to explain to Judge Heidi Brieger the details of the shootings... Poum's next court date is a pretrial conference on April 19.

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    Massachusetts does NOT have the death penalty, expect this case to be pled to life without parole! There appears to be NOTHING redemptive in this defendant!

    Lowell is a working class city, strong ties within those families who serve the city and a city with typical "big" city issues. Oh yeah, also a city with multiple similar addresses i.e. OAK St, OAK Ave, OAK Ct., OAK Rd. ...... (ya got my drift!).
    “Hic locus est ubi mors gaudet succure vitae”– Giovanni Margagni

    "This is the place where death rejoices to teach those who live."-
    Giovanni Margagni

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