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    Bee aware of sweet, uninvited guests in your apartment

    Frieda Turkmenilli says she'd noticed 'a few' bees buzzing around her apartment in Queens, NY. But it was her neighbors who complained to authorities, and only then did Frieda discover she had an estimated 50,000 of the little critters living in her ceiling.

    The bees, along with the 17 honeycombs they'd produced, were removed and taken to a new forever home at a bee farm.

    Frieda says she kinda misses the little guys.

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    So that's what happened to all of the honeybees!

    I've read about the bees making their homes in human residences before. One of those instances was at a cabin in Utah:


    It's pretty costly to have the bees professionally (safely) removed, but IMO it's worth every penny to save these little guys.

    "We figure we got 15 pounds of bees out of there," said Bachman, who said that converts to about 60,000 honeybees.

    Bachman was called to the A-frame cabin last month in Eden, Utah. Taking apart a panel that hid roof rafters, he had no idea he would find honeycombs packed 12 feet long, 4 feet wide and 16 inches deep.
    That hive was actually outside of the cabin -- in the eaves -- but some were getting indoors.

    Then, there were around 75,000 honeybees discovered living in the ceiling and walls of a chapel in Massachusetts:


    "Some will spray and kill them not knowing they will leave materials in the walls. Then the moths and mice will come in and rip them apart, and it will be raining honey. They'll rip right through the drywall," said Jon Nelson of B.B. Nelson Aparies.

    Nelson uses a vacuum to coax out the bees. They land in a wooden box. Then he removes the hive, honey and debris left behind and slowly introduces the bees to a new comb.
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    We had a swarm take over the front of our house back in the mid-70's. We made the news...cool; the critters were making their way into the space between the floors...not cool. Hard to sleep wondering if you are going to be taken away by angry bees at any moment.

    Professionals came out and removed the bees to a "home in the country." (Wait...that's the same thing my parents told me when my goldfish disappeared. )

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