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    Spain - Gerard Kavanagh, 44, Irish gangster, shot to death, Elviria, 6 Sept 2014

    A 'wild west' murder' happened Saturday, while the annual US-Spain Council Forum takes place in the luxury Don Carlos hotel nearby, amidst tight security. The Forum's attended by Spanish royals, the US and Spain Ambassadors and other high-profile guests.


    'Irish gangster Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh has been shot dead at a Costa del Sol bar by two masked gunmen.'

    He has a long criminal history and is linked to the Christy Kinahan cartel in Dublin, as an 'enforcer' for drug debt collections.

    'The armed pair burst into the bar this afternoon and fired nine bullets into him.

    He tried to escape after seeing them coming through the front door but collapsed in a pool of blood with gunshot wounds to his arms and back.

    A burnt-out BMW X3 was discovered nearby shortly after the shooting, which happened in broad daylight around 5.25pm local time at Harmons Irish Bar in Elviria a 20-minute drive east of Marbella.'

    Police say the killing has all the hallmarks of a professional hit. Marbella is an upscale resort that has also developed a reputation as a 'go-to' hiding place for people fleeing justice.


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    From March 2015:


    Father-of-two Paul Kavanagh was blasted in the head and body by two gunmen who had been tracking him before the hit.

    The third gangland victim this year, he is the nephew of Gerry “Hatchet” Kavanagh, who was shot dead outside a Spanish bar last year...

    Kavanagh, who was in his late 20s, had left his home nearby and had been driving through Church Avenue when a silver Audi A3 blocked him off. Two men jumped out of the car and fired at least seven shots... The assailants then tried to get away but crashed into a wall just 30ft away from the victim’s lifeless body. They burned the car and ran away on foot.
    From October:


    A gangland war is ‘in danger of exploding’ on the Costa del Sol.

    It comes after the killing of key gangland figure Gary Hutch sparked panic among Spanish and Irish authorities.

    The hit on Hutch was reportedly ordered after he stole over €100,000 from Estepona-based drug lord, Irishman Christy Kinahan.
    From last month:


    Gardai believe that an assassin arrested in connection with the murder of crime boss Eamon ‘the Don’ Dunne may have been the gunman used by the Kinahan mob to kill Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh too. Both were blasted to death in packed pubs and, in both cases, nobody else was injured, which is a measure of how skilled and collected the shooter was...

    Incredibly, a Spanish court shelved its investigation of the murder unsolved, saying they had failed to identify the two gunmen who shot the enforcer nine times in the packed bar...

    In all incidents the same modus operandi was used and in all cases there was a high level of intelligence as regards the movement of the target and the disposal of the getaway vehicles.

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