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    WA - Billy Hanson, 9, Seattle, August 2014 - taken by sailboat

    BILLY HANSON, Age Now: 9, Missing: 09/04/2014. Missing From SEATTLE, WA. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Federal Bureau of Investigation (Seattle, Washington) 1-206-622-0460.

    Billy was allegedly abducted by his father, Jeffrey Hanson, on September 4, 2014. A federal warrant for International Parental Kidnapping was issued for Jeffrey on September 12, 2014. They may be travelling in a white 1976 Cooper sailboat with a 6 inch red stripe along the side, which is pictured above. The boat is named "Draco," and has Washington license number WN6753NZ. CAUTION ADVISED: If located, use caution and immediately contact law enforcement.


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    LEAP Alert Issued for Nine-Year-Old Missing from Seattle

    The Seattle Police Department is actively searching for a 9 year old boy who is believed to have been abducted by his biological father.


    The child was supposed to return to his mother in Pennsylvania on September 4th but he never boarded the flight.

    More: http://www.kulr8.com/story/26514389/...g-from-seattle

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    9-year-old boy missing: FBI says father may be taking him to San Juan Islands or Mexico


    Family and friends said the father took the boy to Shilshole Marina onto his boat recently, and may be fleeing with him out of the country.

    The FBI says Hanson is “extremely volatile” and “authorities are gravely concerned about the child’s safety.”

    Police said the two may be headed to the San Juan Islands, Mexico or Tahiti.


    They are believed to be on a white, 1976 Cooper sailboat named Draco. The boat’s licence number is wn6753nz. The Boat has a fiberglass hull and a 6-inch red stripe along the side.


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    FBI: Missing Seattle boy may be in San Diego


    According to the FBI, Hanson, a known drug abuser, is believed to be extremely volatile and law enforcement is gravely concerned about the child's safety. A federal arrest warrant has been issued for Hanson, charging him with violating the International Parental Kidnapping statute after the boy was supposed to be put on a flight back to his mother's in Pennsylvania but never showed up at the airport.


    The FBI says it is believed that Hanson, an experienced sailor, took off in his sailboat with his son from Shilsole Marina near Seattle around Aug. 28 and may be headed to the San Juan Islands near Vancouver, Canada.

    Authorities say he could also be headed to Mexico or possibly across the Pacific Ocean to Tahiti. There is a chance, the FBI says, the two could end up in San Diego.


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    Some more info in this article: http://www.kirotv.com/news/news/poli...angered/nhLZh/

    Jeff Hanson's close friends told KIRO 7 they're afraid he's making his way to Tahiti with Billy. KIRO 7 reporter Rob Munoz spoke to a Hanson family friend who said he warned the police and FBI weeks ago that Jeff Hanson might try to take his son to Tahiti to meet a close friend of his, but said he was not taken seriously.
    If his father is a known drug abuser and "extremely volatile", why was Billy even allowed to go visit?
    Please be aware that what I type is my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClaireNC View Post
    Some more info in this article: http://www.kirotv.com/news/news/poli...angered/nhLZh/

    If his father is a known drug abuser and "extremely volatile", why was Billy even allowed to go visit?

    yep...hear ya....so many times ''father's rights rallying cry'' overrules common sense .......((MOO))
    Just My Opinion

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    I wonder what makes dad's friends think he might be headed to Tahiti.
    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.--Albert Einstein

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    International search continues for endangered 9-year-old boy; likely on sailboat with father

    The FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office are working together to find a missing, endangered 9-year-old boy.


    A neighbor told Q13 FOX News that the father is a very experienced sailor and has sailed around the world on his own.



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    WA & PA - Found Safe - Billy Hanson - W/M/9 - In South Pacific

    Thu., Oct. 30th: http://www.local21news.com/template/...l#.VFILk2d0yHo:

    Jeffrey Hanson, W/M/46, Billy's Biological Father, In Custody,

    Charged with International Parental Kidnapping.

    Our Thanks to All Involved.
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    Glad he has been found.
    The above link no longer worked for me so here's another one with a map and pictures.


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    Jeffrey Hanson, 46, arrived back in the country in the custody of members of the FBI’s Seattle Safe Streets Task Force, Ayn Dietrich-Williams media coordinator, FBI Seattle Division, said.

    Hanson is scheduled to make a court appearance in Los Angeles this afternoon in connection with the September disappearance of his son, Billy Hanson, 9, of Hazleton.

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    Father, Jeffrey Ford Hanson, Pleads Guilty to International Parental Kidnapping

    WA & PA - Found Safe - Billy Hanson - W/M/9 - In South Pacific

    Mon. Mar. 9th: WHP-TV: http://www.local21news.com/template/...l#.VP4T92d0wyU

    Jeffrey Ford Hanson, W/M/46, Billy's Biological Father, In Custody,

    Pled Guilty to One Count of International Parental Kidnapping.

    Found in the island country of Niue (Nee-YOU-ay).

    Sentencing Scheduled for 6/6/15.

    Our Thanks to All Involved.

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