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    CA - Kathy Rowe charged in Craigslist 'rape prank’ , San Diego, 2012


    A woman in California is accused of soliciting rape on Craigslist against a woman who bought a home she wanted, as revenge. She pleaded not guilty to felony charges in court Friday. Her attorney says she never intended for people to follow through and actually rape the woman, saying it was merely a “prank.”

    Kathy J. Rowe, 52, was voted “Mother of the Year” in San Diego by the Union Tribune in 2006.

    But now, Rowe hides behind her attorney in court and faces up to nine years and eight months in prison if convicted of the charges against her. She faces solicitation for rape, solicitation for sodomy and stalking charges, among other counts.

    The prosecutor said Rowe placed an ad on Craigslist, encouraging men to contact the female homeowner for sexual favors while her husband was away.

    "People responded to that Craigslist ad, and (evidence) at the preliminary hearing showed there was a string of communications from that initial response enticing men to come to her home, force themselves through the door and onto the victim, and have sex with her while she screamed no," McHugh said. "Our victim was put in a position where she was in fear in her own home, and that's not a position anyone should be in"...

    One man with whom Rowe was communicating went to the victim's Carmel Valley home but emailed Rowe when he saw the husband at home, and Rowe continued to impersonate the victim, the prosecution alleges.

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    What the hell is wrong with people??!! SMH

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    Quote Originally Posted by bettybaby00 View Post
    What the hell is wrong with people??!! SMH
    I hope they throw the book at her. And they should stop calling it a "prank." This could have ended very badly for the victim, if one of those men actually followed through.
    Just my opinion

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    Horrible. Even after she's convicted this poor woman's address is known by the sick individual that went to her house.

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    A former “Mother of the Year” who waged a harassment campaign against a couple who bought a Carmel Valley house she wanted, culminating with a Craigslist ad encouraging men to go to the home and rape the wife, was sentenced Jan. 9 to a year on electronic home surveillance and five years probation.

    Kathy J. Rowe, 53, was also ordered to stay away from the victims for the next 10 years. The defendant, who currently lives about a mile from the couple, pleaded guilty last year to a felony stalking charge...

    “What she did is very serious,” McHugh said outside court Jan. 9. “She terrorized these people from October of 2011 to June of 2012, culminating in sending men to the victim’s home, to essentially rape her. This was extremely dangerous, this was very serious, and this was completely unprovoked.’’

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    That's insane. "Mother of the Year"...okay...

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