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    Dad finds he's been sitting on a boa constrictor during a drive

    A Californian family got an unexpected shock when they hired a van to move from Anderson to Redding. Dad Joe Salgado found he had been sitting on a boa constrictor during the drive.

    'Their progress came to halt after discovering a roughly 4-foot-long boa constrictor in the 17-foot moving truck’s cab.

    "We took a break. We had some dinner. I had locked up the van. Came back to do another load,” Joe said. “I had been sitting on the snake all day and didn't even know it was there." '

    From the video at the link, it seems like a very friendly little fellow, happily curling round the shoulders of Joe, press and animal rescuers. He'll be eligible for adoption soon. There's no explanation so far, of how the boa came to be in the hire van. I'm wondering if it escaped during a previous hire, and the owners think he's lost forever?

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    The Boa doesn't know how lucky it is that the person who found it wasn't scared of snakes, otherwise this story would have had a very different ending.
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    Awww, poor little fella. Wonder how long he'd been in there?

    Yep, you're right Meryl12. Glad Joe was snake friendly!
    Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that one animal their world is changed forever! -Unknown

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    My husband would have fainted or went running and screaming like a girl.I am glad they didn't kill it.Hope it finds a good home.

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