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    NY - Dawn Svocak, 20, Plattsburgh, 17 August 1984


    Dawn Andrea Svocak, 20, was reported missing to Plattsburgh City Police on Aug. 17, 1984, by her domestic partner after she didn't return to her 71 Clinton St. apartment in the City of Plattsburgh.

    The night before her disappearance, Svocak, a sophomore art major at SUNY Plattsburgh, went to work at Blair's bar on Marion Street in the City of Plattsburgh. She was last seen leaving the bar about 2:30 a.m. Aug. 17... A boot Svocak was wearing the night she went missing was found four days later in an alley off Clinton Street, less than a block from Blair's...

    On Sept. 21, 1984, two farmers were cutting corn in a field at the intersection of Route 9 and Stafford Road in the Town of Beekmantown when they found Svocak's body. An autopsy revealed the cause of death to be a brain injury from blunt-force impact to the head, and Svocak's death was ruled a homicide.

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    her dp left the bar at 1 am, Dawn remained presumably finishing her shift at 230am......did she leave alone or with someone, who left just before she did and who left just after Dawn......was the bar crowded at that time?? I know "last call" is 4am in NY--might be different back then----she was wearing boots in August???????
    would she have walked home, taken a cab or driven??? what route would be taken.
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    ^Actually, 'last call' for Clinton County, where Plattsburgh is located, is presently 2am. However, I don't know what it would have been back in 1984.

    I remember when this happened...it was horrific for the community. Much as the Colin Gillis case 'gone missing'.

    I have not a doubt some know exactly what happened and who is responsible. In both cases.

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    State Police issued a new call for information Tuesday in a 30-year-old Clinton County murder case...

    State Police also put out a public appeal on the Svocak case in 2014. "We did get some information then," LaFountain said. "People did call."

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    For the first time, investigators revealed they now believe someone planted evidence in the days following Svocak’s disappearance. “We suspect some of the evidence was planted to throw off authorities in the search for her,” LaFountain said...

    Police said an ex-girlfriend of Svocak’s first reported her missing and that her partner at the time, with whom she shared a Clinton Street apartment, reported her missing again several hours later.

    Investigators said they believe tension between police and possible witnesses might have stopped some individuals from sharing what they knew with officers.

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    Investigators release new information in cold-case homicide of Dawn Svocak
    Plattsburgh woman's 1984 murder remains unsolved, evidence resubmitted to crime labs.

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