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    CA - Paula Pope, 18, Fresh Pond, 3 Sept. 1972

    I saw Paula mentioned in another thread but I didn't find on for her alone.


    Status Missing
    First name Paula
    Middle name Ann
    Last name Pope
    Nickname/Alias Judith Paula Ann Pile
    Date last seen September 03, 1972 00:00
    Date entered 09/04/2013
    Age last seen 19 to years old
    Age now 61 years old
    Race White
    Sex Female
    Height (inches) 58.0
    Weight (pounds) 85.0

    She and her husband and their friends were camping at the Cripple Creek Campground near Fresh Pond, in El Dorado County. It was Labor Day weekend in 1972. She had an argument with her husband. She wanted to go to a rock concert in Carson City. Steve couldn't go because he was on parole and he couldn't leave the state. Paula stormed out of the camper. Her friend April went after her, but came back in to get her coat. It was raining. When she went out again, she couldn't find Paula. No one has seen her since


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    Didn't Bundy confess to killing a hitchhiker on Labor Day weekend in 72/73? I will have to look it up. POlive were unable at the time to match the hitchhiker to a missing girl. Maybe she tried to hitch a ride to the concert?

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    There were some info about her going to a concert and hitching a ride towards Sacramento. Then leaving that group and looking for a new ride back to the camp. I don't have that link right now so I don't know how good that info is.

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    I saw this girl on another thread and she looked interesting for Paula. Per Google maps: Yuba Lake is about 8.5 hours from Carson City and about 10.5 from the area of the campground.



    Unidentified White Female

    The victim was discovered on September 3, 1978 in Juab County, Utah
    Estimated Date of Death: 2-3 years prior
    Vital Statistics

    Estimated age: 18-22 years old
    Approximate Height and Weight: 5'2-5'3"; 110 lbs.
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Light blond hair, around 11 inches long.
    Jewelry: 1.5 inch wide double hoop earring, light yellow metal, fastener for non pierced ears. White metal barrette.
    Dentals: Available. Teeth # 26-27 are crowded.
    Fingerprints: Not available.
    DNA: Not available.


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    Paula's profile updated today to include DNA in Namus. The JD I posted above also had DNA in Namus......so a no go.

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    I found the article on this website http://zodiackillersite.com/viewtopic.php?f=99&t=1725 . The person that posted the article remembered talk about a biker angle at the time and thought that was the most probable.

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    While reading the posts on Zodiackillersite.com regarding the Pope case, I noticed a concert bill someone posted for the "First Annual Carson City Labor Day Music & Art Festival" at T-Car Speedway in Carson City, Nevada. What a find! The bill lists several non-musical entertainments, including skydiving. When I saw that I instantly thought of Roger Reece Kibbe. According to Trace Evidence, Kibbe had been out of state prison a short time by 1972.

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    Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997 (Ancestry.com)
    Name: Judeith Paula Ann Pile
    Date of Birth: 14 Sep 1953
    Gender: Female
    Birth County: El Paso
    Father's Name: Eugene Pile
    Mother's name: Dorothy Carey

    California, Marriage Index, 1960-1985 (Ancestry.com)
    Name: Paula A Pile
    Age: 18
    Est. Birth: abt 1954
    Spouse Name: Steven L Pope
    Spouse Age: 24
    Est. Spouse Birth: abt 1948
    Date: 15 Jul 1972
    Location: Sacramento

    California, Death Index, 1940-1997 (Ancestry.com)
    Name: Paula Ann Pope
    Social Security #: 554880222
    Gender: Female
    Birth Date: 14 Sep 1953
    Birth Place: Texas
    Death Date: 3 Sep 1972
    Death Place: El Dorado

    California, Divorce Index, 1966-1984 (Ancestry.com)
    Name: Steven L Pope
    Spouse Name: Paula A
    Location: Sacramento
    Date: 6 Jan 1981

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