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    WA - Mehmet Tokgozoglu, 51, Orcas Island, 6 Sept 2014

    Anyone up for a mystery? The detectives have not been able to reach anyone who has been in contact with him for the past year.


    His death is a mystery and his life turns out to be shrouded in mystery. No one seems to know how the man got to Orcas or even his whereabouts for the last year.


    Gaylord said he spoke with Tokgozogluís family, including three brothers who didnít keep in touch with him. They described him as bright and private. The manís former landlord ó tracked down through the Plano address on the driverís license ó hadnít heard from him since he moved out last year.

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    Wow, interesting. I immediately recognized the name as Turkish (he was born in Kansas and his mother was American, though). Hmm, if he was very private, maybe it was suicide. It's so sad that no one reported him missing.

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    After reading through this thread and the articles, it sounds to me like he either took some medication to end his life (empty water bottles found, no food packages or food) or simply laid down to die. Perhaps he had received some negative medical news and preferred to not have the treatment. Or somehow the newspaper article about Amazon affected him negatively (he was attempting to invent cell phone apps working for himself). Also, was that his given name? He would have stuck out like a sore thumb and been teased mercilessly. I grew up in the same region and am 2 years younger than him. He would have had to be a strong kid to tolerate the teas ukulele Nguyen and shake it off later. JMO
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