At this link is a long recap of press coverage about Edna's disappearance, from initial reports that she was missing, to development of Michael Owen as a suspect, to searching for her remains:

The 76-year-old Glaze was reported missing March 19, 1996. She was described as hard of hearing and suffering from Alzheimer's.

She disappeared after leaving her house at Hillside Terrace to have a key made for the house. She appeared at the Brevard Police Department at around 3 p.m. to ask where she could have a key made. She went to Harris Hardware.

She was described as wearing a purple coat, red pants, red blouse and red beret.

A North Carolina judge has dismissed a murder indictment stemming from the 1996 disappearance and presumed death of a Transylvania County woman...

District Attorney Greg Newman said Tuesday the judge ruled last week in favor of a defense motion to dismiss the murder charge because of the length of time between Michael Owen's identification as a suspect in 2000 and the grand jury indictment in 2013.

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