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    Okay...so the area is all private property at this point. Propak has actually occupied the vacant ford lot. Lots of C cans around and some other interesting things I found. In regards to placing a body...there is a new hotel being built directly behind the holiday inn. Its your typical construction zone. Also I found this very interesting that the Agricultural building shares a road way and they have an incinerator on property. Speculate away. These are the only photos I could capture. its also note worthy that the entrance that was actually blocked was the propak entrance (old ford) there is another entrance to this road right beside the holiday inn..my speculation is if they were searching the area as a whole or any of the other buildings...then both entrances to the road would have been blocked. Today was business as usual at the propak plant...lots of construction activity converting the building into new facilities.

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    Sorry not all photos posted

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    The police block was originally put up here...which is the second entrance to the propak facility and is the shipping and receiving yard.

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    Canada - Nathan O'Brien 5, 30 June 2014 - PHOTOS & VIDEOS **NO DISCUSSION**

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