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    TX - Cherokee Co., WhtFem, 35-55, on highway median, Sep'14 - Julie Tovar


    Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department Capt. John Raffield said they are hoping the release of these details will help identify the body a mowing crew found Sept. 3 north of Wells near the intersection of U.S. 69 north and FM 1911 south.

    Officials believe the woman to be white or Hispanic, between the age of 35-55 with a height range of 4-foot-11 to 5-foot-7. They also believe her natural hair color to be dark blonde or light brown, according to the study performed at the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification in Denton.

    The body was clothed in a size extra-large Croft & Barrow brand sweater, size 28x30 Levi’s jeans, an off-white, one-piece body suit a with black lace neckline and size 9 Marilu brand tan sandals.

    The length of time her body had been in the median is still unknown, but Raffield said workers previously mowed the area June 6...
    Sheila Morton has been ruled out.

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    Thank you OkieGranny for posting this- I signed up just to post this lady's information- so sad. I wanted to add that the Croft & Barrow brand comes from Kohl's...if that helps anyone recognize her.

    Ktre has updated the details a bit:

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    More details..


    "Cherokee County officials continue to investigate the remains of a woman found on US 69 near Alto on Sept. 3, according to Captain John R. Raffield.
    The remains were located about 2.5 miles north of the intersection of US 69 and FM-1911S between Alto and Wells.
    Raffield said the remains were clothed in jeans, a sweater, one sandal (other sandal and hat found nearby), a one-piece women's undergarment, underpants and a shirt.
    The remains were sent to the UNT Center For Human Identification in
    Denton. A profile will be entered into the Unidentified Human
    Remains Index of the CODIS Missing Persons DNA Database, according to Raffield.
    The anthropological report from UNT indicated the following: The
    remains are believed to be that of a White or Hispanic female between 35-55
    years of age; between 4-feet, 11-inches and 5-feet, 7-inches tall, with possible natural hair color of dark blonde or light brown.
    The clothing is further specified as: a CROFT & BARROWS brand sweater
    (size XL); LEVIS brand jeans (size 28x30); unknown brand or size off-white
    one piece body-suit with black lace neckline; and MARILU brand tan sandals
    (size 9).
    TXDOT records indicated the median was last mowed June 6, and herbicide was sprayed Aug. 13, Raffield said.
    The investigation is still ongoing to identify the individual, and to
    better determine the length of time she had been in the median. It is
    possible that she was, and had been, there when the herbicide was sprayed, Raffield said.
    "Once we are able to identify her, further investigation into how and
    why she was there will continue," Raffield said.
    Evidence of trauma was discovered during both the autopsy and the
    anthropological exam, Raffield added. However, the specific details on that are not being released to the public at this time in order to protect the integrity of the
    investigation once the woman is identified.
    Anyone with information on someone that is currently missing, fits the
    general description, the clothing brands and dressing styles or habits, is
    asked to contact Cherokee County Sheriff's Office at (903)683-2271."

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    possibly Christina Rea Davison

    I know they haven't given an exact time of death but when I saw she wore Croft and Borrows and her attire, it screamed middle class. the only store I found that sells that (barring online sales) is Khol's. when I google the nears khlos store, it was in a town north of where the UID was placed. I searched missing woman in that area, and she came up. From the town she went miss to were she was dropped, it is an hour drive. Went missing in May I believe.. I think area of the uid was deserted after June 3rd.. .. The only thing is, the grass would of been short when she was dropped there imo. Don't know...

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    I'm hoping LE would compare Christina and this lady immediately after Sheila Morton was ruled out...hoping. Such a vague description- 4'11" to 5'7"??!

    If they rule Christina out, with this lady wearing a sweater and jeans, she may have been from a Northern state. It was 85+ degrees and 100% humidty at night here June-August (I'm about 30 minutes from this location).

    Warning below is SUPER speculative:
    There is a controversial religious group that many call a cult, the Church of Wells, that has its base very close to this lady's location. They've attracted converts from all over the US. I'm wondering if she is somehow linked to them?


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    Heard back from the local Det...

    "Thank you for sending the information about the female missing from Marshall, Texas. Unfortunately our UID person is not Christina Davison. Christina’s DNA or a sample from her family has already been entered into the DNA database and was not a match for our person. If you happen to see or obtain any further information in the future please feel free to contact us or send us the information. Thank you again.

    Det. J. Hughes"

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    It always saddens me when people are unidentified


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    Remains of woman found in US 69 median identified a year later


    Julie Ann Tovar
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    Glad she has a name. I've driven through that area many times since she was found and have always wondered who it was as I pass through.

    Seems like a sad story. Hope she is finally at rest.
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