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    IN - Brandon Dillon, 22 mos, beaten to death, parents charged, 30 Sept 2014

    Bernard Dillon and Selena Strong have been charged with the murder of their 22-month-old son Brandon in Gary, police said.

    Police were called to the 300-block of W. 6th Avenue Tuesday, where police said Dillon allegedly told police that "the baby is upstairs dead in the bedroom."

    An autopsy revealed that the baby died as a result of blunt force trauma, though investigators said the child had a culmination of traumas that had been inflicted within the last 30 days.

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    Brandonís twin sister and younger sister were removed to foster care by a Department of Family and Child Services caseworker. The children previously had been in foster care and were recently returned to their parents, police said.

    An autopsy by Dr. Young Kim, a forensic pathologist at the Lake County coronerís office, found numerous injuries, included a ruptured stomach; broken neck; broken clavicle; bruises to the liver, kidney and spleen; head trauma and other injuries in varying stages of healing. Kim estimated the injuries were inflicted over a 30-day period, court records state...

    Dillon told police he struck the boy with a belt and his hands and that Strong had struck the toddler with parts from a Hot Wheels race track set. Confronted with photographs of Brandonís injuries, Dillon alluded to an iron as being the instrument used to strike the child, the affidavit states.

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    Why do they keep returning these innocent babies back to abusing scum ,that only wind up torturing and murdering them. Poor baby, I can not imagine the pain and fear poor Brandon suffered.
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    October 2014:

    Failing to potty train as quickly as his twin sister and “because he gets into things,” his mother, Selena Strong, admitted to police she liked her daughter more than Brandon, court records state...

    They both tested positive for cocaine and marijuana after their arrest, police said...

    they struck Brandon “because of his failure to successfully potty train,” the affidavit states.

    Strong told the detective “she found Brandon to be more annoying than his twin sister” and said she used a nylon belt or her hand “four or five times a day over the past couple of months,” court records state...

    Dillon said he thought the child had been losing his hair because of the time he spent lying in urine, the affidavit states...

    Although neither of the girls showed signs of physical abuse, the twin was suffering from dehydration and malnutrition...

    The three children had been in foster care previously and returned to their parents earlier this year, police said

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    October 2014:

    Dillon told police that Brandon had not been feeling well prior to his death, only consuming water and milk for several days, and that his breathing sounded odd.

    Strong told investigators that she used a nylon belt to "whoop" Brandon at least four to five times a day over the past couple months...

    He said that Strong refused to let him use her phone to call police after Brandon's death, as she said she would go to jail if authorities were called...

    Brandon's twin sister and younger sibling have been taken into custody by the Department of Family and Child Service

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    The sight of 22-month-old Brandon, his lifeless, emaciated body lying curled on an air mattress, was shocking to even veteran officers who responded Sept. 30 to the initial call of a “disturbance” at the three-story brick apartment building on the corner of 6th Avenue and Jefferson Street.

    The disturbance was an argument between Brandon’s parents, Bernard Dillon, 37, and Selena Strong, 26, allegedly because when he discovered his son not breathing, he wanted to “call 911 and the coroner,” but Strong stopped him, saying the call would land her in jail, Poirier-Peter said..

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    I hope the girls find a stable and loving home.

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    Somebody needs to "whoop" her 4 or 5 times a day. I've never heard anything so stupid in my life.. What an @$$ &@!#

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