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    OK - Preston Rhoads charged in ricin plot to kill pregnant GF


    An Oklahoma City man accused of trying to poison his pregnant girlfriend and her unborn child with ricin will be staying in jail...

    Investigators allege Rhoads offered to pay a former coworker to sprinkle the ricin he manufactured on pizza or in a soft drink and give it to his pregnant girlfriend in hopes it would kill her and her unborn child.

    During a face-to-face meeting, the co-worker says Rhoads showed him a vial and claimed it was ricin. That same co-worker said Rhoads told him he downloaded a manual explaining how to manufacture the poison. The co-worker says while at Rhoads' home, he found what he believed to be equipment to make ricin in the bathroom.

    "Information was gathered a few days ago that lead up to believe that a gentleman was trying to commit a homicide," Capt. Dexter Nelson said.

    A credible source told News 9 test results confirm ricin was a substance found inside the home of suspect Preston Rhoads.

    Preston Rhoads on Tuesday waived his preliminary hearing in Oklahoma County District Court on two counts each of solicitation to commit murder and attempting to kill another person. His next court date, a pre-trial conference, was scheduled for Nov. 26.

    The 31-year-old Rhoads has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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    Preston Rhoads has been released from custody as of Monday, December 8. A judge set a $200,000 bond for Rhoads Friday afternoon. Court officials said Rhoads will remain under “house arrest” at his parents' home in Ada, and he is required to wear a GPS ankle monitor.
    Curious about how the potential victims in this case were getting along after what must've been a traumatic event (for the mom, at least), I nosed around a little and was pleased to find that mom and baby appear to be quite happy and healthy.

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