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    TX - Joann Bryant, Marion County, 16 March 1987


    Joann Bryant's body was found today in Marion County, TX in her car submerged in a 33,000 acre lake, Lake O' Pines. I could not find her information on Namus or any other missing person site but she was last seen in 1987.
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    Photos shared with us by East Texas Rural Civil Defense show an older two-door car that appears to have been submerged for some time. Upon seeing the pictures on KLTV social media, Malakoff resident Natalie Noble hurriedly called her mother to find out if this car could be her grandmother, missing for 27 years. They called the Marion County Sheriff, and were told that they do believe that the remains are that of her missing grandmother, Joann Bryant. To confirm this, dental records will be compared. If those are non-conclusive, then DNA from Noble's mother will be taken and compared.

    Noble says that back in 1987, her grandmother was in the midst of moving to East Texas from Dallas, where she had recently retired from Mobil Oil... She was last seen on March 16, 1987, with a local man while visiting with relatives in the area. After she left the home of the relatives, she was never seen again. No arrests were made. The case has been closed for years, Natalie said, until today.

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    RIP Joann. My greatest fear...lost in a watery grave.
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    I often wonder how many of the missing are in a body of water completely unintentionally, just driving along and some minor distraction ends their life. Especially when LE cannot locate their car.

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