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    13 years in frozen suspension as an embryo- Healthy Baby Girl

    A healthy baby girl has been born in the US after spending the last 13 years in frozen suspension as an embryo. This is thought to be the longest an embryo has been frozen and resulted in a health baby.

    Baby Laina Beasley has two teenage siblings who were conceived through IVF at the same time as she was frozen, which technically makes her a triplet.

    Her parents' path to having her was far from smooth, highlighting the risks of a largely unregulated industry.


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    Triplets that are 13 years apart....that's crazy!!

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    The world is going to hell.

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    Ummm, I see you've already beaten me to posting this story. For once some happy news in the world! I have a personal connection to this story and will gladly attest to the good character of Dr. Steven Katz. He is totally ethical, and the embryo mix-up was a mistake on the part of his embryologist who told him after he had performed the implantation. He did NOT deserve to lose his medical license over an accident which did have a positive outcome- two healthy children were born. The one family is being greedy to try to get custody of both children when the other mother has none.

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