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    MS - Panola Co., Fem Skeletal UP12953, 15-29, gold necklace, Jan'14


    This girl (woman?) was just added to NamUs last week. Unfortunately, there isn't much to go on.


    Age: 15 - 29 years old
    Race: Unsure
    Sex: Female
    Weight: Cannot estimate
    Height: 58 inches, estimated


    Found on 583 E. Pratcher Road, Sardis, Panola County, MS

    A cranium was found in the woods behind 583 E. Pratcher Road by a lady hunting her horse. The cranium was found in a wooded area under some trees. An additional search was conducted by Dr. Nicholas Herrmann and students of Mississippi State University under the supervision of the Panola County Coroner and the Panola County's Sheriff Department. They found two femora(left & right) near the original location of the cranium along with a piece of clothing, a gold necklace and a car jack.


    Some [unspecified] old clothing found close to femur
    Gold necklace
    Car jack found near second femur


    Fingerprints: Currently not available
    Dentals: Currently not available
    DNA: Samples submitted - tests complete

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    Not much to go on there. Not even an estimated time...
    Opinions expressed are strictly my own (who else would they belong to???)

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    The closest PM I could find is Latrice Armstead. She disappeared 1 1/2 years before the remains were found, and the distance is only 47 miles. Her age and height are within range.

    There's also Kamesha Williams, who disappeared about 4 1/2 years and 49 miles away, and her age is within range. But you'd have to assume the height is wrong and the person who submitted the case to NamUs meant to put 5'8 instead of 58 inches (4'10).

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    In trying to Google map 583 E. Pratcher Road, Sardis, I tried Sardis, Batesville, Oxford, and Como MS. The only one Google recognized as being close to that address was 583 Ed Pratcher Road in Como. That's not unusual, as these towns have outlying areas that are sometimes identified with one town, sometimes another (depending on whether you're talking water, electric, cable, etc.). Como, like Batesville and Sardis, is in Panola County.

    583 Ed Pratcher Road is located in the northwestern area of Sardis Lake (which might also account for the "Sardis" rather than "Como.")

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    Would be nice if they could give us pix of clothing and necklace.

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    From Jan 31, 2014
    Human skull found in Panola County
    "It's been determined that is a female with an apparent bullet hole behind the left ear."
    Sheriff Darby says the skull may bring closure to an old missing person's case.
    "We have two in mind I know of. One goes back 15 years that we will consider and another one in DeSoto County that we will be working close with them on," said Darby.
    video & a little more at link.

    One female is listed on NamUs missing from DeSoto Co, MS. She is Katherine Lowery LKA 02/02/1999 https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/9672/3/
    MS - Katherine Lowery, 27, 1999 - Chilling story

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    She's been added to the Doe Network: http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/1248ufms.html

    Interestingly, the estimated height is 5'7 - 5'9 (it was 58 inches/4'10 on NamUs). If this is accurate, then Kamesha Williams seems like a fairly strong PM. She went missing 47 miles from Sardis and her age is also within range.

    There's also Shirley Gladney, missing since April 1999. Her age and height are within range, and she disappeared about 88 miles from Sardis.

    Another one I like is Chassity Reed, missing since October 2002. Age and height are within range. Charley says she went missing from Little Rock, AK but when she last contacted her family, she said she was in Greenwood, MS. Greenwood is 79 miles from Sardis.

    I'll try calling in these PMs today

    ETA: I just called the number listed on NamUs and my call got passed around like 3 or 4 times (and even transferred to CrimeStoppers at one point) before I realised that I was actually calling detectives in Austin, TX... I guess I'll just email Doe Network and the Michael Nance to tell them the contact info is incorrect
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