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    TX - Delbert Wyatt, 41, shot to death, Center Point, Sept 1982

    A Texas man was arrested Tuesday in Duncanville for the 1982 murder of Delbert Wyatt.

    Robert Armendariz, 60, has been a fugitive since the time of the murder, officials said.

    On Sept. 6, 2014 the Kerr County Sherrif's office received a crime stoppers call the led police to Armendariz.

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    They say the one-time Kerrville man shot and killed Delbert Wyatt, 41, of nearby Center Point, back in 1982. A murder warrant was issued for Armendariz the day after the shooting, but the sheriff's office believes he'd already fled to Mexico by then.

    It wasn't until this past Tuesday that an anonymous Crime Stoppers tip came in that brought them to North Texas.

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    From April 2015:


    The state’s chance of gaining a conviction at trial were undermined by its inability to locate the two witnesses who saw Wyatt shot in the face outside his home, said Monroe, so Armendariz received a 10-year prison term in exchange for pleading guilty to murder.

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