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    Canada - Katherine Janeiro, 20, Barrie, Ont, 10 Oct 1994


    " Police say they’ve collected hundreds of pieces of evidence and have taken hundreds of witness statements.

    Investigators are currently working closely with the Center of Forensic Science to re-examining some of the existing evidence. Police are hoping scientific advancements in forensic analysis will help lead to an arrest.

    Experts in the fields of DNA analysis and DNA mixtures from Canada and the United States are assisting with the investigation.

    Police believe there are people who are holding back key pieces of information out of fear and have also issued a $50,000-dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case."

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    "It was believed robbery was the reason behind the murder.

    Barrie police initially investigated Janeiro's murder, but turned it over to provincial police in 1999. The OPP worked on the case for a dozen years and transferred it back to Barrie police February 2012, she said.

    In 1994, the Examiner reported that woman's body was found lying on the floor, covered in blood with scratches on her face. Estranged from her boyfriend, she'd been at a pair of downtown bars most of Sunday night and early Monday morning.

    Janeiro's telephone, which police believed may have contained her killer's number in its memory system, was stolen from the crime scene

    In March 1995, only a week after police announced they were looking for the phone, it was found in a creek not far from the murder scene. Its memory was intact, but brought police no closer to finding her killer.

    Janeiro, whose nickname to her friends was 'Sport', left home at 16 and moved to Barrie with her boyfriend. A year later, she gave birth to a baby girl."

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    20 years is a long time to wait for answers, hoping this family finally get the closure they deserve and Janerio's killer is brought to justice.

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    From October 2014:


    Barrie Police say they have two male suspects in the 1994 murder of Katherine Janeiro.

    Investigators say both suspects still live in Simcoe County and have been watched by police for the past four years.

    However, police won’t say where or if the two men acted together to kill Katherine Janeiro.
    From October 2015:


    "We're still aware of two suspects in the case," Gravel told BarrieToday in a recent interview...

    Gravel notes there was probably a lot of fear at the time of the murder and hopes that fear has been alleviated with the passage of 21 years.

    "We're looking for that little tidbit of information that may be the breaking point in this case."

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    I think that watching the resolution unfold for cold cases is one the most fascinating topics on WS. The crowds may be thinner here, but the challenges faced by detectives are much greater, so that, ultimately, there is an extra measure of satifsaction when the case is finally solved.

    I hope that truth will be revealed, with this case closed and off the books very soon.

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