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    Ireland - Fiona Sinnott, 19, Bridgetown, Co Wexford, 9 February 1998

    Born: 1979

    Height: 5' 2

    Hair: Auburn

    Eyes: Brown

    Build: 7 Stone

    Fiona Sinnott is missing from Bridgetown, Co. Wexford since Monday 9th February, 1998. There have to date been no verified sightings of Fiona since she left the pub with her boyfriend on the night of Feb 9, 1998. Prior to her disappearance she was in great form and had been planning a shopping trip to Waterford to buy a present for her sister's forthcoming 21st birthday party. She had been looking forward to that party and the first birthday of her daughter Emma.

    If you know of her whereabouts or have any information to offer please contact any Garda Station or phone the Garda Confidential Phoneline on 1800 666111

    Fiona's appeal has been placed here with the permission of her mother.

    Picture here:


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    Fiona Sinnott

    Wexford woman Fiona Sinnott has been missing since 1998. Irish police are now treating her disappearance as a murder investigation.

    Recently, I read a book about her disappearance, which piqued my interest. The vast majority of the details can be found here.

    To sum it it up:

    • She was in a relationship with an older man. They had a child together.
    • The relationship was abusive. On one occasion, she was found lying on the ground outside of her house.
    • The couple broke up.
    • While she was at a bar with friends, the ex-boyfriend turned up. There was little communication between the two throughout the night.
    • She leaves and he follows her. Witnesses say that they think that they heard an argument unfolding outside of the pub. This is never proven.
    • Somebody says that they heard a woman screaming on the night that she left the pub. This is never proven.
    • Another person says that they saw a couple arguing beside a water-filled quarry. This is never proven.
    • She is never seen alive in public again.
    • The ex-boyfriend claims that he walked her home and that he spent the night on her couch.
    • He tells the Irish police that he talked to her on the following morning and that she had intended on seeing a doctor because of a pain in her upper body and arm.
    • There is no record of her ever having visited a doctor in the area.
    • Some of her stuff is found in black refuse bags in the corner of a farmer's field. These bags are burnt because the farmer in question thinks that it is just another case of illegal dumping. He doesn't realise his mistake until news of her disappearance reaches him.
    • Irish police come to the conclusion that her house has been stripped bare and that somebody is trying to fool them into thinking that she ran away.

    The question that bothers me is: After all of this bother to kill her and hide her body, why would they be so lax in regards to the dumping of her personal items? Were they spooked? Or was the person in question just careless? Or did they want the Irish police to find it (staged evidence, etc)?

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    Missing Fiona's family in new appeal after 18 years

    The family of Fiona Sinnott who disappeared 18 years ago today (February 9) have renewed their appeal for anyone with information, however small, to come forward.

    'She's always in my thoughts, we just want know what happened to her,' said her sister Diane.

    Fiona Sinnott was last seen leaving Butler's Bar in Broadway, near Rosslare shortly after midnight on 9 February 1998.
    From last August:

    Family of missing Fiona Sinnott begin own private dig in search

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    Whilst press coverage has tiptoed around naming him, it is blindingly obvious that everyone - including the Gardaí - believes she was killed by Sean Carroll, her ex-partner. On 16 September 2005 the Gardaí announced that they were treating the disappearance as a murder investigation. On the same day they arrested 6 people, but did not name or charge them (see http://wexfordhub.com/disappearance-fiona-sinnott/). However, in the following days Mr Carroll was arrested and charged (and convicted but freed on appeal) for threatening to murder his own cousin (see http://www.independent.ie/regionals/...-27220097.html).
    The relevant sentence reads
    "He agreed with Mr. Lanigan, Solicitor, that everyone had been aware where Sean Carroll had been for the previous two days.
    He had been in garda custody in relation to another matter. Everyone in Ireland was aware of that."
    Obviously one of the 6 people arrested as part of the murder enquiry was Sean Carroll. Unfortunately, although the Gardaí passed on papers to the prosecuting authorities following the 2005 arrests no charges were laid, presumably due to insufficient evidence. Other press coverage from the cousin case also identifies Sean Carroll's mother and sister as two of the others arrested by the Sinnott investigation. It also seems, from various comments, that the Carroll clan have a very nasty reputation.

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