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    Ireland - Fiona Pender, 25, Tullamore, 23 August 1996

    Fiona Pender is one of Irelands missing women. Unsolved disappearances throughout Ireland since the 1990s.
    I have started this thread as there has been new developments in this case. there has been an arrest and a suspect.

    23 August, 1996: Fiona Pender’s partner John Thompson left her apartment on Church Street, Tullamore, at 6am. This was the last time she was seen.
    24 August 1996: Pender’s family reported her missing to Gardaí (irish LE).


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    Gardai will use metal detectors and have obtained the services of a forensic anthropologist for the search of Fiona Pender's remains. The dig operation is expected to take place very soon.

    Sources say officers are "confident" of finding the remains of Fiona in Laois after new information came to light following the arrest of the main suspect in relation to serious separate alleged offences abroad...

    When searches get under way, metal detectors will be used - as Ms Pender had two metal pins inserted in her arm following an accident.

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    new search planned for tomorrow for fiona http://www.thejournal.ie/fiona-pende...14979-Dec2014/

    Investigators are to begin searching an area of ground in the county tomorrow.
    It follows reports in recent months that officers are close to making an arrest in the case, after new information passed on to them by police in another jurisdiction.
    Fiona, who worked as a hairdresser, was 25 when she disappeared in August 1996, and is presumed to have died.
    Gardaí confirmed this afternoon that a search will take place at a location near Portlaoise from tomorrow morning.
    good recap and timeline at link

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    Heartbreakingly, Fiona was 8 months pregnant at the time she vanished. If charges are forthcomjng, I hope the baby is taken into account too.

    Police say the new search will conclude next week and they'll be able to tell Fiona's parents if she's there or not. Interestingly, the article says information indicating the place to search came from a woman currently living with the chief suspect.

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    The heartbroken mother of missing Fiona Pender fears she could die before discovering what happened to her daughter.

    Josephine Pender has renewed her appeal for information on the 20th anniversary of Fiona's disappearance.

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