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    88-year-old widow says dead husband she hid for 9 months, wanted to be eaten by birds

    An 88-year-old Lafayette, Indiana woman is in jail and facing multiple finance-related charges after living with her husband's dead body for nine months. His cause of death is unknown. Ila Solomon says she was only following her husband's wishes to let nature take its course.

    'Police initially charged her with misdemeanor failure to report a dead body after learning about the case earlier this year.
    Solomon said her husband, Gavan, died April 28 from a stroke and claimed he wanted birds to eat his body, so she opened windows and doors every day after he died.
    "He wanted me to open the door so the birds could come in, but the birds only got as far as the air conditioner," Solomon said.'

    However, Soloman at first told police who called that her husband was in a care home, and it was only when they entered the house that officers found a tarp-covered, decomposed body on the bed, coated in a substance that appeared to be lime. They also discovered Soloman has been married up to three times before, with her second marriage coming just nine days after her divorce from her first husband.

    We 'embraced' the missing Bob Harrod case as requested but 6 years on, are still waiting for further guidance

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    It seems to be the pension checks that she continued to cash that might be the motive behind this. However, at 88, chances are high that dementia factors into it.

    No other family members looking for this guy in 9 months?

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    UPDATE (December 22, 2015) — Ila Solomon was sentenced to one year and 180 days; 60 days of that sentence will be spent at the Tippecanoe County Community Corrections Center, and the first 180 days will be supervised. She will also serve 100 hours of community service, and she is banned from being a caregiver.
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    Actually, he was 88. She was only 55.

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