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    CA - Mother confesses to burning infant-second degree burn, Fresno

    A 23 year old mother confesses to burning infant to get back at Dad during an argument. Watch the video… the dad is defending her (says the police forced the confession out of her) and saying that he laid a lighter down after lighting a candle and mom accidentally sat the baby down on the lighter afterwards. Right. That would result in a second degree burn. He acts in the video like he is on something..very fidgety. Someone please keep these babies away from these parents!


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    Thanks Renee110,

    FWIW - I have worked in that neighborhood since 2009, just around the corner from that apt. complex. "Lovely" people abound, (not!). Needless to say I have several PD Officers in my cell on speed dial. Lot's of trouble, drugs, gangs, and thieves. Kids are just left to play in asphalt parking lots, no backyards...not much supervision.

    Just to be clear - I don't know this family in particular.

    I do wonder why they didn't take her to Valley Children's Hospital, though.
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    So sad zoomom, when kids are involved in that kind of life. This baby has no-one in it's corner. Mom hurts it and Dad lies and takes up for Mom, and I think there is also a three year old. I hope this one doesn't slip thru the crack and goes back home and the next time we hear about it it's because it died or something. The family says she is a liar and has issues… sounds like they care and they know things aren't right but I bet they are reduced to standing in the sidelines and helpless to do anything.

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    It's probation instead of prison for a Valley mom who once confessed to burning her baby with a lighter. 24-year-old Denia Adams will be released from jail.

    Denia Adams hid behind her attorney while a Fresno County Judge told her she was free, but that it wouldn't be easy. There will be parenting classes, maybe a child abuse program, even anger management classes. Above all else, there's a protective order. That means she can't go near the baby she burned with a lighter...

    The baby was taken to the to the hospital with a 103 degree fever four days later

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