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    UT - Evelynne Derricott, 70, beaten to death, Tooele, 7 Oct 2011 *Arrest*


    On Oct. 8, 2011, a friend found Derricott’s body in her home at 410 W. Havasu St. Police have said Derricott’s car — a teal green 1993 Pontiac Grand Am — and cell phone were found abandoned near Impressions Drive (5800 South) and Ridge Hollow Way (5300 West) in Kearns about a week after the murder...

    At the time of her death, investigators found a male’s DNA at the murder scene, which matched DNA found in her car.

    "Our biggest break in the case is when we got an unknown DNA profile," Wimmer said. But the profile found from blood at the scene hasn't had any hits to anyone or any known acquaintances who would have been in Derricott's home at the time.

    Police still have not released the suspected cause of death, whether Derricott's body showed any obvious trauma or why police concluded her death was a homicide... Police have said there was no forced entry to the home and nothing appeared to have been taken. Derricott was not sexually assaulted.

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    Can we get a LEO or a family member perhaps to answer questions........Her car was found abandon along with her cell phone, and abvouisly she didn't drive and leave it there. So someone took it from her. Thus a crime was committed...........

    But what I would like to know from a LEO on the case. Did she die from a heart attack? A simple yes or no question.
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    Rogelio Diaz Jr., a 23-year-old from West Valley City, was charged Monday in 3rd District Court with first-degree felony murder in Evelynne Derricott's death. He was also charged with first-degree felony aggravated burglary and second-degree felony theft.

    Police believe Diaz — who was arrested Friday — used a hammer to kill the woman...

    The investigation began to focus on someone in Diaz's family after DNA found on the hammer and steering wheel of Derricott's stolen car was found to match a close relative of Diaz's whose DNA profile was in Utah's DNA database...

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