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    MN - Waubunoquay Randall, 31, murdered on Fond du Lac Reservation, 19 Oct 2014


    Authorities were called to a home at 8934 Hwy 2, just a short distance from the murder scene, around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday. A woman... broke into the home and called 911. Police say the woman claimed she woke up in the woods, and had been injured. Police have confirmed that the woman is 21-year-old Lydia Marie Barney...

    The details are scarce, but police say Tuesday’s incident is related to this weekend's murder; 31-year-old Waubunoquay Dawn Randall was stabbed to death in her home on Waagosh Road on the Fond Du Lac Reservation Sunday afternoon.

    Lukovsky did, however, confirm that investigators were also working at a neighboring home, where smoke was seen during the initial response Sunday. Burning clothes were recovered from an oven in the home, he said.

    The victim's husband, 31-year-old Shawn Elson Randall, is in custody in relation to the incident, awaiting formal charges. The two were apparently legally married, although authorities have listed Shawn Randall's address as being in Cloquet.

    Authorities say a 21-year-old woman could not explain why her bloody footprints were found throughout the scene of a homicide or why her clothes were discovered burning a short time later in the oven at a nearby home.

    While no motive has been released, officials say evidence now points to Lydia Marie Barney as the person who killed 31-year-old Waubunoquay Dawn Randall on Sunday on the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation. Randall was Barney's aunt, prosecutors said...

    Barney is the only person to be charged in the death, although police initially arrested Randall's husband, 31-year-old Shawn Elson Randall. He was released from custody Thursday without charges "pending further investigation."
    Waubie's FB: https://www.facebook.com/waubie.randall

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    I read about this in the paper a few days ago, and it looks like the husband did it. He seems to have younger girlfriend. Probably killed his wife so him and his GF could be together.

    If you search here:
    youll see he has had quite a few run ins with the law.

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    The suspect in an October stabbing death on the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation has attempted suicide in jail, assaulted another inmate and destroyed case materials provided by her public defender, attorneys said Monday.

    Lydia Marie Barney, 21, was to appear for an omnibus hearing in State District Court in Duluth, but refused to be transported from the St. Louis County Jail — the latest in a series of behaviors that had both the prosecution and defense concerned...

    Carter requested that Barney undergo a mental health evaluation before the case proceeds. That motion was opposed by the prosecution, and Tarnowski did not immediately rule on it.

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    The suspect in a Fond du Lac Indian Reservation homicide case will undergo a mental health evaluation, putting the criminal proceedings on hold.

    Lydia Marie Barney, 21, was ordered to undergo an evaluation in an order filed last week by 6th Judicial District Judge Sally Tarnowski, according to court records.

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    From April:


    Lydia M. Barney, of Brookston, pleaded guilty Tuesday in St. Louis County District Court to the intentional second-degree murder of her aunt, Waubunoquay D. Randall, 31, at the victim's Stoney Brook Township home in October...

    Investigators said Barney never offered a coherent explanation for killing her aunt. Barney was high on an addictive anti-seizure medication at the time and became afraid of Randall at some point, investigators added.
    From August:


    Judge Sally Tarnowski sentenced Barney to 25½ years in prison on a second-degree intentional murder charge.

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