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    Just popped on thread to post about this uid female in Canada, it may have been posted here already.
    What caught my eye was that the uid had jewelery that may have come from Montreal, and Dorothy's mother was from Montreal. fwiw.

    Jewelry: An 18-karat gold necklace from European origin or an area of European influence, such as Montreal. The necklace was missing its pendant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainwater View Post
    I think Dorothy met a man who her family would not have approved of for some reason: social status lower than the Arnold family, different religion, different background, not as educated as Dorothy, whatever. She chose to go with him and the two of them went to a part of the U.S. where her New York social circle would have little interest in visiting/living. Her father referred to her writings as "drivel". IIRC, a New York businessman who had known Dorothy since childhood and knew her family very well, had travelled to Mobile, AL about 6 months to a year after her disappearance. While in Mobile, he saw Dorothy in a store, accompanied by a young man. According to the New York businessman, Dorothy seemed very happy. Dorothy spoke several languages fluently, including French. How easy it would have been for Dorothy to pass herself off as " Camille Boudreaux, newly arrived from France/Quebec/ New Orleans" and to settle along the Gulf Coast as a married woman using her husband's last name. Mobile between 1900 and 1920 was undergoing a boom, as the city had been awarded millions of dollars of federal government money to improve its harbor and deepen/dredge the shipping channels.

    I truly hope this was the case. Bumping this thread back up because it is so fascinating.

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    Not sure if this list has been posted before, hoping the link is fine to post as it contains an intriguing list of ' missing, missing persons ' going back in time as early as 1918 or so.

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    I sent in a possible match to NamUs for Dorothy sometime last year, even though her case is not being actively pursued because the missing remains are an active Jane Doe case. The case worker said she would pass it along to investigators to see if they wanted to follow up.
    My theory is she met someone and took off to start a new life, and when the person found out she wasn't going to inherit (the remains are from about the same time one of her parents passed), they killed her and her children.
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    Hello all.

    I've been researching Dorothy's disappearance and was finally able to obtain her birth certificate. I also found where a George S. Griscom, Jr. was married in 1902 to a Caroline Hays. Is this the same George Griscom, Jr involved with Dorothy?


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    Quote Originally Posted by dokmccoy View Post
    Hello all.

    I've been researching Dorothy's disappearance and was finally able to obtain her birth certificate. I also found where a George S. Griscom, Jr. was married in 1902 to a Caroline Hays. Is this the same George Griscom, Jr involved with Dorothy?

    Welcome to Ws dokmccoy, thanks for finding and bringing that information here!

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    A fascinating mystery.
    I would hope one day everything could be solved and hope she ended up living a long and happy life.

    I find it suspicious that her mother traveled to europe Europe along with the brother, also that she stayed behind for a week. If the trip was just to confront the boyfriend, it seems the brother could have done that on his own, but if it was thought Dorothy was over there, it makes more sense for her mother to also go along.

    I do not think she was involved with an abortion. She was seen walking a very long distance on the day she disappeared. If her goal was to go some where for an abortion, it just seems that she would not have been busy for hours before then walking and shopping.

    Has there ever been anything recorded about servants being questioned? I'm thinking the hired help for the family might have known more about what was going on.

    If Dorothy did plan her disappearance for that day, it seems to be a cruel thing to do with her younger sister having her big coming out party in less than a week. Why not just hold off for a little bit longer until that was over with?

    When she stayed at the hotel previously, did she register under her own name?

    it does sound like she ended up having a financial emergency when she had to pawn her own jewelry then to pay for her expenses. Did she expect the boyfriend to pay, and then he refused?
    She had a very generous monthly allowance, was it typical for her to spend all of that money every month? What did she typically spend it on?

    I do believe her family wanted to keep any type of scandal away from the family name. They still had a younger daughter they would want to be married into a suitable marriage. Reputation was very important. Money could also help cover up a lot of things.

    If anyone outside of the family knew what really happened, I think it would be the investigator her father hired. What might have happened to his findings and files on this?
    Would the father even let the rest of the family know what might have happened, or would they also be kept in the dark?

    Back then a woman didn't even have the vote. From all accounts it seems Dorothy was an intelligent woman who had some courage, she did have dreams and went after them. Getting a post office box is an example of that.

    I would be very interested in reading the stories she wrote. It would help give some insight into the woman she was.

    If she planned to disappear that day, would she really have spent so much time browsing along the shops for hours? Or would she have already had things planned earlier in the day to get away, having more time to be gone before anyone would start to look for her.

    I'd like to find out more about her friends. Did she have any who were also writers? Who did she have to confide in?
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