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    VA - Facebook photo of toddler hanging from planter hook leads to charges

    A Facebook photo of a 14-month-old boy hanging by his twisted t-shirt from a planter hook, crying, caused horror among viewers. Now his 18-year-old mother is facing child abuse charges in Spotsylvania, Virginia.

    Sheriff’s office investigators, alerted by the photo copied to their own Facebook page, discovered the picture was taken between Sept. 1 and Sept. 10 by the child’s mother, Alexis Breeden. The boy was unharmed, they say. It was posted to Facebook by the toddler's father after a row with her and he wasn't involved in the hanging of the child.

    Breeden was recently ordered by a judge to complete anger management courses and undergo a mental health evaluation after pleading guilty to an assault and battery charge against a family member, in a separate case. She now says she regrets the incident with her child and it was meant as a joke.

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    We 'embraced' the missing Bob Harrod case as requested but 6 years on, are still waiting for further guidance

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    The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze. Poor little guy.

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    Wth! Thankful those who saw the picture were so proactive. Poor little guy.

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    Are people doing these dangerous things just to post it , or are they normally doing TH e m and they happen to get posted ? Absolutely ridiculous. Poor little one.

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