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    Caterpillars Attack! Puss sting hospitalizes bus rider

    Caterpillar sting sends student to the hospital (San Antonio Express-News)

    SAN ANTONIO —A caterpillar that looks like a harmless ball of fur but carries a painful sting sent a Reagan High School student to the emergency room Monday morning.

    The student reportedly was riding in a school bus when she was stung. Her condition is unknown.

    In a Facebook post in July, doctors at Cedar Park Emergency Center north of Austin issued a warning about puss caterpillars, calling them “cute little guys crawling around in your garden.” Also known as asps, they are, in fact, one of the country’s most venomous caterpillars.
    more at the links

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    Eew, eew, eew! I was stung by one of these as a kid. It fell off the ceiling and onto my arm - hurt like heck. This happened at our lake house down near Austin.

    Those things are just nasty (and I like most bugs)!

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