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    It also occurs to me that it is a big jump from determining that someone was involved in abduction to actually committing murder-- even though the crimes may have some connection. I just posted articles which I found regarding two Pennsylvania young women who were abducted in PA and rescued in Wyoming THIS MONTH, JANUARY 2016, by a state police officer making a routine traffic stop--but one woman was able to alert the officer to her situation. The women were being delivered to California for slave-trade prostitution. It started the cogs in my brain again, looking at how a syndicated group could operate and confuse LE, the victims, and even the people involved in the illegal action while hiding the 'Bosses." I posted it on the Missing since 1975 thread, if you are interested. If the steps are A, B, C, D, E, and F, A and F may not have any knowledge of each other whatsoever, and B, C, D, and E would be limited in knowledge as well, if they were ever privy to any real knowledge in the first place. That case appears to involve people performing services primarily for drug money; they may or may not know what they were really involved in. One of those arrested was a juvenile. These victims were with young adult women, what if they had been children or young teens? That doesn't mean it is simple; it only means that it could be done, and involve people who have no idea of exactly what they are involved with.
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