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    ME - Mary Tanner, 18, Kennebunk, 7 July 1978


    Mary Tanner was just 18-years-old when she was murdered in Kennebunk. Over three decades later, her siblings are still trying to put the pieces together...

    Siblings say Mary’s body was found in a field badly beaten... Instead of planning a graduation party, Mary’s family was planning her funeral...

    Then came the really hard part, “The easy part is all that. The easy part is making arrangements. The easy part is the funeral. The hard part is dealing with the doubt, looking at everyone in the face on the street asking is it you, is it you?”

    Mary had been bludgeoned to death, beyond recognition. She had been pregnant...

    And where her beaten, bloody body was found, in Gracie Evans Field, wasn’t a location known to many but locals, he said. Back then it was just a field where families gathered by day to watch skydivers come down, and teens at night to party. But it wasn’t easy to find or navigate to, being down a series of dirt roads and in a remote, wooded area.

    “I’m pretty certain it was one of us,” Ames said. “I’ve heard the names of several guys over the years and sometimes I’ll see them and think, ‘Are you the one?’”
    Justice for Mary: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Justi...23477591069172

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    I feel so sorry for her siblings and family and friends....can't imagine what they must have and are still going through. God bless them all. R.i.p She was beautiful.

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    "Justice for Mary" Facebook page.

    I'm not sure exactly who, but someone updates very regularly. I hope one day, sooner rather than later, that her family & friends will have some answers.

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