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    CA - Herald, BlkFem UP2415, 15-30, near nuclear plant, Oct'75


    She was found on Twin Cities Road, 4/10 mile east of Rancho Seco entrance. At the time, Rancho Seco was a working nuclear plant that began operation in April 1975. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rancho_...rating_Station

    Age: 15 to 30 years
    Height: 62 inches, estimated
    Weight: Unknown
    Hair and eye color: Unknown

    Body conditions: Not recognizable, near complete or complete skeleton; however, she did have long, natural fingernails, and her finger and toenails were painted red. Estimated date of death was six weeks to four months before discovery.

    Clothing: Wearing a red-orange colored dress with shoulder straps and elastic top section with zipper down back. Pink panties. A "shell-type" necklace.

    Any ideas? She's not listed on the Doe Network. No sketch or photos of clothing in NamUs. I've skimmed around in the missing persons in NamUs but haven't found anyone who stands out. Contact info listed in NamUs is the Sac County coroner at 916-874-9320.

    P.S. I hope I did this right, I couldn't find a thread for her.
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    On a side note about the area, it's extremely rural out there. It's all fields, mostly for grazing cattle, and vineyards. There are some new housing developments, but mostly several miles away from Rancho Seco. Back then, it probably would have been even more rural, and maybe no vineyards; the wine industry didn't really take off in the area until the 1990s. (My family moved from the East Bay to a rural area about 10 miles south of Rancho Seco in 1989. I left around 2000, came back to the area in 2005. It was very empty out there in the 1990s, even.)

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    A few possibilities:
    - Susan Redding, last seen in Seattle on April 8, 1975: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/20630/1/
    I think she's the strongest possibility despite the distance. The time frame is right, her height fits. Also, Doe Network lists the Jane Doe as having brown, kinky hair, but NamUs says she's bald or hair type unknown. Susan wore wigs, according to the MP report. She may have hitchhiked down or been transported by an abductor. The distance still throws me off, though.

    - Alisa Watson: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/14225/6/
    Last seen in Tacoma, Washington, and the dates don't match up. She appears to have been a runaway. No reason to think she was in California in 1975, but the height, age and race match, and since NamUs only has eight black women in that age range listed missing before Jane was found ...

    - Katrina Ashford: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/9612/4/
    Last seen in San Rafael in 1972, and her car was found in Marin County two days later, so if she was killed, it was probably in 1972 in Marin, not 1975 in Sacramento. Still, she's close by.

    The others were all either from the East Coast or out of the date or height range by enough I didn't feel they were worth listing. I think Susan Redding is a good possibility, though. What do you guys think? I have to say I'm a little discouraged that there are no dental records or DNA available for Jane.

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    I found her listing on the Sacramento County Coroner's website and it also says dark brown/black kinky hair, so I guess that just didn't get entered properly into NamUs.

    This one is probably a no-go based on the dates, but if she was moving and it took some time to realize she was missing, those could be off anyway: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/12010/3/
    Marion Hawkins left Marin County in October 1975, told her mother she was moving to Los Angeles. Later, her mother received a letter saying she had gotten to L.A. Marin is not all that far from the Sacramento area, maybe a couple hours by car.

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