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    OK - man arrested for biting off bowler's ear

    Owasso Man Arrested On Charge Of Biting Off Bowler's Ear (newson6.com)

    An Owasso man was arrested for maiming after an apparent brawl at a bowling alley. James Thomas Foster bit the ear off another man during a fight at the Coffee Creek bowling alley, according to court documents.

    Court records state two groups of people were bowling in adjoining lanes on August 31, 2014. One group was a mother, father and daughter; the other group was made up of about seven girls.

    The mother told police she accidentally knocked over a drink on the shared table between the lanes, and that sparked an argument.
    more at link, with picture

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    I shouldn't make light of it, but first thing I thought of was Mike Tyson - Evander Hollyfield fight.

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    Sounds more like a performance piece than a bowling alley row.

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    The commenters at the link are saying everybody is a victim here...
    Good gosh if someone is threatening somebody the solution is to call the cops.

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