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    OH - Evil Lurks in the Toy Aisle

    A mother in Ohio discovered a shocking secret behind a "princess wand" she bought for her 2-year-old daughter at a Dayton dollar store:

    The toy, called Evilstick and packaged in cheerful colors, promises “The luster of beauty” and “Wonderful music,” but a small pink button on the flower-shaped wand activates flashing lights and witch-like cackles.

    Behind the mirror foil is the image of the girl. Red eyes, fangs, and blood are photoshopped onto the picture.
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    A picture of the wand, or "Evilstick," is shown here:


    The store-owner sees nothing wrong with the toy which, IMO, is just as disturbing. Even more sickening is the fact that the wands were sold out within a week of receiving negative publicity:

    The sudden interest in the toy is especially baffling, the store owner said, because the toy has been on the shelves at his store for two years and was a clearance item.
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    My first thought was that someone bought all of the wands and destroyed them, but that's not the case. They are being sold on e-Bay.

    The store owner said that the mother should have paid more attention to the name of the product, but IMO the packaging is very deceptive. The name "Evilstick" appears in fancy lettering so that it's not easily noticeable. The stick is pink, a color that appeals to young girls, and is shaped like a wand. Also, the picture in the center of the wand is covered by shiny silver foil and the description of the toy on the package is misleading. I can't imagine the purpose of such a toy.

    What do others here think of the "Evilstick"?
    "Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk."
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    The best way to make them disappear is don't buy them. The 2 year old didn't buy the toy, Mom did. Whatever happened to personal responsibilty. She's out $1, toss it and be more careful about what you're buying.

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