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    IN - Kristyana Jackson, 7, Elkhart. 17 August, 2012

    It was 10:30, Friday night, (Mother) Kimi and Kristyana were just returning home from watching a family member in a high school football game. John had stayed home with the baby. What happened next, happened fast. "We walked up to the porch and we were approached by men," says Kimi.

    "I heard Kimi scream," says John. "When i opened up the door I seen them standing behind Kimi and Kristyana they just starting shooting as soon as I opened the door. I just tried to get to Kristyana but they just kept shooting. I knew I was getting hit but I had no idea where I was just trying to get to her."

    John laid his daughter on the floor inside the house and it was then he realized, she had been shot in the head. "Then I ran out front, the front door. Just started yelling. They shot my baby. Somebody please help us. They shot my baby," says John. ...

    John had been shot three times. He was in pain but that pain wouldn't compare to losing his daughter and the terrifying scene he can't get out of his mind.
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