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    GA - Twins, 10 wks, one dead, one with multiple broken bones, Nov 2014

    Gwinnett County, GA
    (an Atlanta burb)

    Teila Veronica Williams, 24,
    was arrested after her 10-week-old baby was diagnosed with multiple broken bones and a detached retina. But the investigation in the case is not over. The baby girl’s twin brother died over the weekend. “Child likely suffered from nutritional neglect and given the infant’s clinical picture, it is consistent with medical neglect,” the warrant states.

    Her other four children are in protective custody, according to police. She's 24 & has 6 kids. There are 3 more adults living in the home & nobody could feed the babies or call to report neglect????


    Just one day, it would be nice to not see a story like this in the news!

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