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    City cancels Whorehouse Days festival

    Organizers of the first-ever "Whorehouse Days" festival in Gilbert had big plans: a four-poster bed race, a beer mug-sliding contest, a showdown for best-dressed madam.

    Now, they're looking for a lawyer, after the City Council's refusal to rent out public buildings effectively killed the festival that was supposed to start this weekend in the small northern Minnesota town.

    Almost one-third of the city's businesses signed a petition against the event and dozens of residents protested at council meetings.

    "The City Council's acting like it's the Moral Majority or something," said lead organizer Bob Cap. "They really played a number on us."

    Gilbert Mayor Bob Garrity said the council did nothing wrong. Council members weren't satisfied with the answers they got when they questioned organizers about the event, he said.

    The organizers, Gilbert After Hours, Inc., plan to try again next summer. Meanwhile, they are looking for a lawyer. Their Web site said they want an attorney who is "not afraid of (or connected to) the city government of Gilbert."

    The weekend festival, which also was to include a performance of "The Best Little Whorehouse in Gilbert," had attracted almost $50,000 in sponsorships and area hotels were starting to fill up with reservations. Organizers had promised all the events would have been rated G or PG.

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    show me

    Show me a town that refuses to have a 'Whorehouse festival' and I will show you a town that is no fun. Knowing that Yakwoman comes from that part of the U.S. I'm not sure whether she will be insulted or feel vindicated. (Just kidding, Yakwoman.)
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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    I just think it would be kind of weird to hear the kids, especially the little 3-7 year olds shouting "Oh boy, we're going to Whorehouse Days!" or "I can't wait til Whorehouse Days gets here again", or "We had so much fun at Whorehouse Days this weekend!" or "My teacher wanted me to write about what I did during vacation, so a wrote all about Whorehouse Days".

    How about "Kids, we're all going to Whorehouse Days on Saturday!"
    "Mom, what's a whorehouse"? (not something too odd for a 10- or 13- year old to maybe ask, but when the 5 year-old keeps asking for an explanation, it could get a little touchy).

    And if mom says, "You should ask your father", it really sounds odd!

    And what about all those flyers that local business and community buildings put in their establishments before the festival? Wouldn't a poster screaming "Whorehouse" look a little out of place in some of them?

    The whole festival sounds great, but what's with the name? Did it just Have to be W.H. Days?

    How about Brothel Bonanza?

    or Cat-house Carnival?

    or Juke-joint Jubilee?

    or Madam's Midway of Fun?

    how about the Streewalker Street Fair?

    or Prostitute Parade?

    The possibilities for an alternative name that would work for all are evidently endless!

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    I thought this whole thing sounded familiar. They've been duking it out since January:

    January's Ho House Festival thread

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