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    OK - "God told me to pick up these diamonds" -- woman rolling in the roadway

    Oklahoma City Police: Woman Collecting Rocks Arrested for Assaulting Hospital Staff ..(Daily Oklahoman)

    When officers arrived, they found Brittany Thompson, 26, lying on the roadway, rolling around on her back. When Thompson saw the officers, she jumped up and asked them for a ride to Walmart.

    Officers asked her why she was on the ground and she showed them a handful of rocks saying "God told me to pick up these diamonds."
    When a hospital staff member reached into Thompson's pocket, they were stuck with a needle, according to police. A second staff member went to cut off Thompson's pants to safely get to the needle, but was also stuck in the hand, authorities say.
    the rest of the tale at the link above, with picture

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    Oh my...
    About the time we can make ends meet, somebody moves the ends. Herbert Hoover

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    Sad, but appears this arrest could be what saves her life. Horrible it is at the risk of our healthcare workers and my heart goes out to them having to spend months living in fear of what those needle sticks could bring.

    I have to wonder why they would trust the word of this woman in the shape she was in about what she had on her? I would think extreme caution should have been used and her clothes cut off without touching them or her. Maybe their procedures need to be re-evaluated. Not blaming them for what happened, but could it have been prevented in some way?

    Oddly enough...I commented on the roadway we were driving on in NW OKC about sunset because it gave off the appearance there was glitter mixed into the surface. It glistened so bright the way the sun was hitting it. Strange.

    A quote spray painted on the wall by search
    and rescue workers, Team 5, at the OKC Bombing site 4-19-1995.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wfgodot View Post
    Oklahoma City Police: Woman Collecting Rocks Arrested for Assaulting Hospital Staff ..(Daily Oklahoman)
    the rest of the tale at the link above, with picture
    FWIW, her try-to-cover-up-face-w-hair pose in mugshot was only partially successful. lol

    Can't imagine being as far gone as she was.

    Hoping she did not give cooties or bad things to hosp employees.

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