Writing and researching for some of the books I write involves a lot of background digging and sometimes all the information is not found in archives, old newspapers, or on library shelves. I am looking for information on some people who went missing in the 1950's in Oklahoma. They appeared - briefly - in local papers but then were pushed off the pages as new hot stories emerged. I am working on an upcoming writing project dealing with some missing, and sadly found, victims in this time period. I am looking at common elements in similar cases to perhaps bring something new to light. Your help is appreciated.

So often old newspapers toss out an attention grabbing story or piece of information and never follow up as new hot topics emerge. I have searched newspapers, grave listings, marriage records (as many as are accessible) and school records (yearbooks as accessible) but cannot find information to show what happened in these cases.

I am looking for anyone with information about the following:

Most are in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area (or in Oklahoma)


Shirley Ann Cuica, Capitol Hill student?, walked to a store in OKC and never returned [disappeared in April; family had moved from Chicago in January and owned property in Missouri]

Charlene Wright, Capitol Hill student?, friend of Shirley Cuica, walked to a store in OKC and never returned. (No clothes missing, one girl in curlers when she went to the store). They were 15 and 16.


Mrs. Ruth Elizabeth Gee, June; Dorothy Moss, OKC reported missing July 23 (Fri); Tillie Mae Pennington (reported missing Monday July 26 (Mon).\; Sept. two unnamed teenage girls reported missing; were they ever found?


Denise Barry, Missing Sept. 3, 1958, left school early and never returned


Dorothy Jean Collinsworth, April 14, 1959

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