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    "Sir, its just bantaaah!" 'Bullying' banter ban costs job

    Teacher who banned using the word 'banter' in his class because it was 'an excuse for bullying' leaves his job

    A supply teacher who banned the word 'banter' in his classroom because it 'encouraged bullying' has left his job - and says he feels like he was 'forced out'.

    Mike Stuchbery, 35, stepped down from Lynn Grove High School in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, [UK] after claiming his teaching agency phoned him to say his services were 'no longer required'.
    'Banter, once a term that was used to signify "light-hearted joking, a gentle ribbing of a friend", now seems to be a catch-all term for any sort of off-colour or inappropriate behaviour,' he wrote.

    'If I catch somebody nicking someone’s pencilcase, calling another student a derogatory name or thumping them on the back, nine times out of ten I’ll be met with a "Siiiiir, it’s just bantaaaaaaaah!"'.
    TV shows such as The Inbetweeners and Bad Education have spawned catchphrases such as 'Bantanamo Bay', 'Archbishop of Banterbury' and 'Bantom of the Opera'
    much more at Daily Mail link

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    Just awful. The thought police at work.
    England's dancing days are done...

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