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    OH - Creepy lawyer hypnotizes female clients for sex

    This pig of a lawyer preyed on women who were his clients, hypnotized them and then manipulated them into sexual encounters. He must have been one heck of a good hypnotist because he was even able to induce the one woman into an hypnotic trance by telephone!

    "You should read the Chronicle-Telegram piece or check out the full document from the Lorain County Bar Association embedded below for the details.

    As part of the investigation into Fine, some of the meetings and phone calls were recorded by the women. During an October 10 phone call, recorded by the first woman, the "conversation began with discusstion about normal legal matters and then turned into questions about where Doe 1 was and whether she was alone," the document says. "(Fine) then began to use 'code words' that induced Doe 1 to enter a trace-like stage."


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    Using hypnosis to victimize someone is very real,I bet his defense will argue the possibilities.I have known a woman who was hypnotized and abused by her father as a child.Very difficult to overcome this type of manipulation.
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    Lorain County Domestic Relations Judge Lisa Swenski has removed herself from cases on her docket involving the Sheffield attorney accused of hypnotizing his clients for sexual purposes.

    In a lengthy document filed Thursday, Swenski detailed her interactions with suspended lawyer Michael W. Fine, who she wrote displayed a familiarity with hypnosis and tried to get her to meet with him privately.

    Swenski also wrote that the number of victims Fine allegedly hypnotized and gave sexual suggestions to has continued to climb since the allegations against him became public last month, when the Lorain County Bar Association asked the Ohio Supreme Court to suspend Fine’s law license on an emergency basis.

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    I dont know about this. It seems fishy to me. Who would let their lawyer hypnotize them. Come on.
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    As many as 25 women have come forward to complain about a Sheffield Village attorney accused of hypnotizing female clients in order to engage in sexual activities, according to Chris Cook, an attorney for the Lorain County Bar Association.

    One, a former client from Elyria, filed a civil lawsuit in the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas last month. In her complaint, the woman alleges Fine offered to teach her mindfulness and meditation. After their meetings, she said she felt she had engaged in some sort of sexual activity, but had no recollection of any events...

    One woman, identified as Jane Doe 1, secretly recorded three sessions after she noticed "she was wet in her vaginal area, her bra was disheveled, and that she could not recall the entire duration of the meetings."

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