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    NC - Angel Elisha Walker, 20, transgender, Rowan County, 23 Oct 2014 *Arrest*

    (first thread, I hope I formatted everything correctly)

    Angel Elisha Walker is a transgender woman from Rowan Co., NC. She has not had contact with her family since October 23, which her family says is unusual. Her 2000 Pontiac Sunfire was found November 23, but was so badly burned it took until the 29th to positively identify it. The car was seen driving on Oct. 30 but was not stopped by officers because Walker was not known to be missing.

    She is 5'8" and 120 lbs.


    (2/3 of those are LGBT community sites, the first one is MSM)


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    I wonder when the last time someone had face to face contact with her?

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    Burning car, not good!

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    Hi y'all, just posting to bump and to keep abreast of this case, as it is very similar to the case of Sage Smith, another black transgender woman who disappeared in Charlottesville, Va on November 20th. Keeping Elisha in my thoughts. Definitely the sign of the burning car is not good.

    One thing in particular: It seems there was a loooong time in between when she was last heard about until when the family reported her disappearance (October 23rd - November 11th). There's a cop report that her car was seen driving at the end of October.

    So, any word on how this time was spent? In particular that last week of October where she seemed to be out of contact but was apparently alive?

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    Found Deceased

    Remains of missing Salisbury woman found; suspect charged

    "Police said the remains of Elisha Walker, 20, who was last heard from on Oct. 23, were discovered Thursday in a crude grave in the woods near a home on Homestead Lane near Smithfield in Johnston County. The property is near a subdivision where suspect, Angel Arias,23, used to live."

    More at:


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    Prayers for peace for her family.

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