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    KS - Justina Altamirano Mosso, 19, murdered in her Lawrence apt, 7 Nov 2014


    LPD and members of the coroner's office identified the victim as 19-year-old Justina Altamirano Mosso... On November 9, officers responded to the apartment to check on her welfare and found her dead inside the apartment...

    Officials said Mosso is from Mexico and has been living in Lawrence for less than a year.

    Neighbors at Cedarwood Apartments said they have heard yelling and fighting in the apartment for a while. Police previously said the scene indicates that a violent incident occurred resulting in the death.

    “This particular investigation has been complicated by a language barrier between officers and many individuals contacted through the course of the investigation,” McKinley said. “Though some investigators speak fluent Spanish, we have very few of them.”

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    I know right where those apartments are, they are not in a horrible part of town either. Although there is a walk area that has had some problems with crime near there.

    The street this is on is just one street over from one of the major streets in Lawrence which is 23rd St ( also known as K-10 to the east, and Clinton Parkway to the west). 23 st has a lot of shopping area's on it near this, Hobby Lobby, CVS, Dillions Grocery, CVS, and some other smaller business's.

    Lawrence is also the home of Kansas University and is basically a college town, the crime has grown a lot since we have moved over here.

    I hope they can find out who killed this young lady. It should not be that hard to find a translator being close to KC and Topeka.

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    Just checked the local Lawrence, Kansas, news. There is no progress reported to the public currently.
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    The Lawrence Police Department announced that an arrest has been made in a November homicide at Cedarwood Apartments. Sgt. Trent McKinley with the Lawrence Police Department said Rontarus Washington Jr, formally of Lawrence, was arrested Thursday morning in Greenville, Mississippi.

    McKinley said Washington was taken into custody for first-degree murder and aggravated burglary...

    McKinley said detectives from the Lawrence Police Department traveled to Greenville, Mississippi on Monday after developing leads indicating the suspect was possibly in that area.

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    From September:


    Friday was the second of a two-day preliminary hearing for Washington, and afterward Chief Douglas County District Judge Robert Fairchild bound Washington over on the murder charge...

    On Thursday, prosecutors presented evidence that Washington told investigators that he went to Ruiz’s apartment Nov. 7 sometime after watching Ruiz and Mosso fight in the parking lot. He said that he had seen that the door to the apartment was open, so he went inside to look for some “change” to take...

    However, when detectives processed the crime scene, they found a fingerprint matching that of Washington’s underneath a toilet tank lid believed to have been used to beat Mosso over the head, they said. They also found Mosso’s blood on the soles of Washington’s sandals and some DNA evidence underneath Mosso’s fingernails...

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    It's good to see something finally happening on this case. It's time for some justice for this beautiful young woman.

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    Trial rescheduled for man accused of Cedarwood Apartments homicide


    The criminal trial for a man accused of murder has been rescheduled for early 2017.

    Rontarus Washington Jr., 20, is accused of killing his neighbor at Lawrence's Cedarwood Apartments in November 2014. He was arrested in Mississippi in January 2015 and faces felony charges of first-degree murder and aggravated burglary.

    A trial for Washington was scheduled to begin Monday. In August, however, he made a motion to reschedule. His criminal trial is now scheduled to begin Jan. 17, 2017.

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