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    GA - Tiffany Pugh, 30, slain in contract killing, East Point, 23 Nov 2014


    An Atlanta-area strip club DJ hired his best friend to murder his wife, who was found dead in her suburban home with a young child straddling the woman’s lifeless body, police said. Even worse, Adrian Harley, who allegedly killed Tiffany Pugh, 30, on Nov. 23, then served as a pallbearer during her funeral...

    A police report obtained by the station shows Andre Pugh, 34, called cops Nov. 23 to report that his wife had been murdered — but that he hadn’t been inside. Instead, Pugh told a dispatcher that the security system alarm had gone off and that the garage door was open, a back window was broken and his wife had not answered him...

    Once inside, officers found Tiffany Pugh dead in her bed, “a small child straddling the woman’s chest,” the report says. “I observed that the woman’s left eye was swollen and oozing blood,” an officer wrote. “There was what appeared to be a gunshot hole in the headboard behind the females (sic) head.”

    Police said her husband Andre Pugh, aka "DJ Awesome," hired his best friend, Adrian Harley, to kill his wife. Police said both men have been charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit burglary...

    CBS46 reporter Frank Wiley Jr. spoke to a friend of Tiffany's who wanted to remain anonymous. That friend said that the couple was having marital problems and Tiffany planned to move out soon...

    Six months ago Tiffany Pugh's mother died and now her children will be raised without their mother or grandmother.

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    I am watching 20/20 Saturday and it is covering murder for hire cases. OMG.BI had no idea this was so prevalent.

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    DJ Awesome [gag] must have thought he was sooooooo smart hiring his friend to shoot his wife in the head. Then he stands outside waiting for the cops, ALL THE TIME knowing that his baby was inside with his dead mommy laying there bleeding out. What a vile human.
    “Every day that they don’t find something is good for me.“ Billie Dunn

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    This just makes me sick! And her husband is the person she should have been able to trust most in the world, the one who should have been her best friend, her protector, the protector of their child.
    And what kind of a friend does her husband have that would murder someone? What terribly evil people that live in this world! I hope the husband and the shooter go to prison for life if they don't get the death penalty.

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    Glover testified cell phone records showed two calls between Pugh and Harley before and after the shooting. Around the time an alarm went off at the family’s residence, the men’s cell phones put them near Pugh’s East Point house. A neighbor’s surveillance video shows two cars meeting on the street. In the video, one of the vehicles parks in front of the Pugh home. That car speeds away after the alarm sounds, Glover said.

    The car speeding away is similar to Harley’s Infiniti, down to the same missing tail light, Glover said. The video only captured the rear of the parked car and did not show anyone leaving or entering the vehicle.

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    A Fulton County judge granted $235,000 bonds Tuesday to two men implicated in what police have called a murder-for-hire plot...

    In addition to bond, Woodson ordered both men to surrender their passports, wear ankle monitoring devices and be under a 24-hour curfew except for work.

    More evidence in the case may be forthcoming. The GBI crime lab has not yet completed forensic tests to see if the pistol seized from Harley matches bullets and shell casings found at the crime scene, Detective Allyn Glover testified.

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    Adrian Harley, 34, of Alpharetta bonded out of the Fulton County jail Saturday, on a $235,000 bond, according to jail records...

    As of Monday, Pugh, 34, was still in jail on murder and related charges.

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    How is bond set for hired murderers? That is insane.
    Just my opinion, of course.

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    Andre Jason Pugh made the $235,000 bond that a judge set for him last month on charges of murder and conspiracy and related charges in what police described as a murder-for-hire plot...

    Magistrate Karen Woodson set special conditions for the bonds. She required them to surrender their passports — Harley has family in England and Pugh has traveled internationally — and wear a monitoring device. They also have a 24-hour curfew except for work.

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