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    'Devil Girl' hanged 5 year old boy

    A SCHOOLGIRL yesterday admitted hanging a boy of five from a tree before beating him with sticks and nettles in a case that shocked the nation. The ponytailed 12-year-old wound string around his neck, stomach and genitals, leaving the lad just two seconds from death.

    He was found by his cousin wandering “shocked and crying” around the wooded ‘Devil’s Ditch’ area of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, with severe cuts and burns.

    The boy, who was strung up for around 30 seconds, said his attacker put the rope over a branch and “pulled me up”.

    Magistrates at Dewsbury Youth Court heard a pathologist claim: “Firm pressure was applied to his neck for 15 to 30 seconds.

    He was treated in hospital for serious burns and was found with “appalling cuts and extensive bruising around his neck”.

    In a bid to cover her tracks the girl made a 999 call, recorded on police tape, alerting cops to a boy hanging from a tree.


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    Good grief! That girl needs some help. I wonder what tragic circumstances caused this to happen. I realize she lost her mother, but how did she lose her mother. I think I would check out that family if it was an unusual death.

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    Her drunk father wants " a few f------- thousand" to sell her story.
    No wonder this girl is a mess.