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    DE - Todd Ramsey, 41, fatally shot with crossbow, Harrington, 11 Dec 2014


    According to an affidavit obtained by ABC News, the younger Ramsey told police he had skipped classes on Tuesday at Lake Forest High School. Seth Ramsey was afraid that when his father learned of his truancy, “he would be mad, so he shot him.”

    Fournier, who said the elder Ramsey had been killed with a crossbow, said an investigation is ongoing and could not confirm the affadavit's account.

    The warrant, obtained from Justice of the Peace Court, describes a bizarre scene at the Ramsey home in the 4800 block of Park Brown Road. Troopers and Harrington police went there Thursday morning in response to a "check-the-welfare complaint."

    When Sgt. Joseph Perna arrived at the house, two people flagged him down and said Seth Ramsey was in their car and "they believe he killed his father," the warrant said. The people who were at the house were Todd Ramsey's co-workers, who went because they were concerned that he had not been to work for a couple of days.

    Police put Seth Ramsey in their vehicle and went inside the home, where they found smoke "in the air" and a burn mark on the living room carpet, the warrant said. A piece of carpet was missing in a hallway in front of a blood-splattered door, and inside the room police found the elder Ramsey's lifeless body covered by the carpet section, records showed. He had been shot in "the torso," the warrant said.

    Seth Ramsey faces charges of first-degree murder and possession of a deadly weapon — the crossbow — during the commission of a felony. He is being held without bail at the Stevenson Detention House for youth in Milford, Del., police said.

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