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    PA - Valerie Morrow, 40, slain, 15yo daughter injured, Glenolden, 15 Dec 2014


    Valerie Morrow was all too familiar with the volatile nature of Stephen Rozniakowski. She had obtained a protection from abuse order against him earlier in the day. But as is too often the case in domestic incidents, it did her little good.

    Rozniakowski, with whom she had broken off a relationship, showed up at the Morrow home Monday night wearing a bulletproof vest and packing a gun. He didn’t go there to talk.

    Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan said Rozniakowski, a cop with a bad history of harassing women, went there to “execute” the Morrow family.

    Believing his wife and 15-year-old stepdaughter had been shot dead and fearing he would be next, a Morton police officer jumped out the second-floor window of their Glenolden home following an exchange of gunfire with the alleged killer Monday night.

    Thomas Morrow had already emptied his lone weapon in return gunfire, but was uncertain if he had struck the intruder — a Norwood man with a history of stalking/harassing ex-girlfriends who authorities later learned was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

    It was when he heard the intruder in the hallway say, “Tom killed me,” that Morrow recognized the voice as that of former Colwyn Police Officer Stephen “Roz” Rozniakowski, according to charging documents filed Tuesday.

    Morrow dated her killer off and on for months, but reunited with her husband in August. She said threatening calls and emails escalated from then. He was previously convicted twice of harassment, in 2009 and 2010.

    Roziakowski, a part-timer who was not on street duty, was previously accused of stalking Morrow earlier this year. He was charged with 75 counts of harassment, but his police chief treated it as if it were no big deal. "Looking at the circumstances," Colwyn Police Chief Bryan Hills told the Delaware County Daily Times in April. "I think a lot of this is bull----."

    Hours before her death, Morrow actually called NBC 10's Harry Hairston to set up an interview for Tuesday.

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    A former Delaware County cop charged Monday with the murder of his ex-girlfriend had his bail revoked Friday in a Plymouth Township stalking case from earlier this year...

    The pretrial hearing in Montgomery County has been continued for 90 days because of Rozniakowski’s wounds.

    “To the best of my knowledge he’s in critical condition. He was shot four times, once in the sternum, once in the arm, once in the side and once in the groin. I believe he’s undergone two surgeries at this point,” Mullaney said

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    Hairston put a spotlight on Rozniakowski last year when the officer was placed on "administrative leave" after his former fiancee filed a protection from abuse order against him.

    Plymouth Township Police had arrested Rozniakowski and charged him with 25 counts of stalking and 50 counts of harassment for allegedly contacting his former fiancee with repeated phone and text messages. He was scheduled to appear in court on those charges prior to the fatal shooting.

    Gulla told NBC10 she believes Rozniakowski should never have been on the police force in the first place. She also believes the Colwyn Police Department didn’t do enough to protect her daughter.

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    From OkieGranny's link: Wearing a bulletproof vest, Rozniakowski opened fire, striking Morrow as well as her teen daughter.

    Read more: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/...#ixzz3R6D7pq3o
    Follow us: @nbcphiladelphia on Twitter | nbcphiladelphia on Facebook

    The coward wore a bulletproof vest as he went to gun down an unarmed woman and child.

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    Even police professionals are prone to the same emotional thoughts and feelings that bring down many victims. "This is all overblown BS. . ." Chief Hills said, reviewing 75 stalking/harassing complaints on Rozniakowski.
    "If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it."
    - John Irving in A Prayer for Owen Meany

    Unless I provide a link or refer to a specific link, all my ramblings are theories, speculation, scenarios based on what info is available and my own unique life experiences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wendybtn View Post
    "This is all overblown BS. . ." Chief Hills said, reviewing 75 stalking/harassing complaints on Rozniakowski.
    Geeze. The fact she was murdered indicates her stalking claims weren't overblown. And he had quite a few charges of stalking others in the past. This "chief" needs to be replaced. He's not just a disgrace to a police uniform, he's a disgrace to the human race. In. My. Opinion.

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    I'm glad he was hit in the groin.

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    Stephen “Roz” Rozniakowski - Currently Awaiting TrialS in Upper Court of Common Pleas

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    Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty in the case of a former suburban Philadelphia police officer accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and wounding her daughter.
    Thirty-two-year-old Stephen Rozniakowski of Norwood is charged in Delaware County with criminal homicide murder, attempted murder and aggravated assault.
    District Attorney Jack Whelan said Tuesday he would seek capital punishment if Rozniakowski is convicted of first-degree murder, citing a protection from abuse order, risk to another person and another felony at the time of the slaying.

    More at link
    These posts are In My Opinion only!

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    From last month:


    A former Delaware County police officer awaiting trial in the slaying of an ex-girlfriend pleaded guilty Monday to stalking another woman.

    Stephen Rozniakowski, 33, of Norwood, was sentenced in Montgomery County to 23 months in prison as part of a plea deal under which 75 counts of stalking and harassment were reduced to one count of stalking.

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    Stephen “Roz” Rozniakowski - Awaiting Murder Trial in Upper Court of Common Pleas

    Stephen “Roz” Rozniakowski - Awaiting Murder Trial in Upper Court of Common Pleas

    https://ujsportal.pacourts.us/Docket...R-0002367-2015 :

    Per Page 8 of 10:

    Motion for Mental Health Defense
    Motion for Change in Venue [VENN-you]:

    (Case is Tried by a Jury Several Counties Away)
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    Ex-cop Rozniakowski gets trial date in fatal shooting of ex-girlfriend


    Delaware County Court of Common Pleas Judge Mary Alice Brennan has set a trial date of Nov. 27 in the case of a former Colwyn police officer charged with the shooting death of 40-year-old Valerie Morrow.

    Stephen “Roz” Rozniakowski, 34, of Norwood, is charged with criminal homicide, murder in the first-, second- and third-degree, burglary, illegal body armor, possession of a weapon, and two counts each of attempted homicide and aggravated assault for the Dec. 15, 2014, shooting. Morrow’s widower, Thomas Morrow Jr., and the victim’s 15-year-old daughter were also injured in the attack.

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