An Illinois state trooper accused of ordering a couple to strip naked during a traffic stop pleaded not guilty Wednesday to a long list of charges including official misconduct, bribery, intimidation and unlawful restraint.
Then, police said, he ordered the 22-year-old man and 18-year-old woman to strip and told them to run to a ditch. When he took a step back from the car to look at the barely dressed female passenger, the couple slammed the doors shut and sped away, police said.

In a bizarre twist to the story, the accusers told investigating officers that they called 911 for help after speeding away from Dozier. The dispatcher told them to wait for assistance at the Lake Forest tollway oasis, where they found Dozier waiting for them.

For a second time they drove away, this time to the man’s Wauconda home, where they called police again.