Judith Lee-Rene Bean, 18, was shot and killed in the 1900 block of Boynton Avenue shortly after 9:30 p.m., police said. A 25-year-old man was also shot, but his wounds are not considered life-threatening.

She died at the same age and on the same day of her older brother, Eric Bean, who was tortured and murdered Dec. 19, 2009 by a group of people, including a childhood friend, on a methamphetamine bender. His body was found the next day dumped on a rural road.

Their father, Jim Bean, was at a loss for what may have led to the shooting, but said he did not believe his daughter's death was related to his son's. Three days ago, Judith Bean returned to Martinez from her father's house in Pittsburg to take care of her sick mother, her father said.

In Eric Bean's case, three Benicia men -- childhood friend Timothy Delosreyes III, his father Timothy Delosreyes Jr. and Raymond Gardner -- were sentenced to years in state prison for the brutal killing, and Gardner's wife Melody Rives, who helped clean up the bloodshed, served six months in jail after testifying against the defendants.